The MERAC Prize consists of three prizes awarded every year by the European Astronomical Society (EAS) icon-external-link. They are called “The MERAC Prizes awarded by the European Astronomical Society”.

These MERAC Prizes are for early career astrophysicists, one each in Theoretical Astrophysics, Observational Astrophysics and New Technologies: Instrumental / Computational / Multi-Messenger, and they are awarded on uneven years to early career astrophysicists who have achieved their PHD degrees in the previous ten years “Best Early Career Researcher Prizes” and on even years for the best doctoral thesis in the previous three years “Best Doctoral Thesis Prizes”.

Best Early Career Researcher Prizes are awarded to young astrophysicists either affiliated to or having largely performed the work to be recognized in a European institute. Best Doctoral Thesis Prizes are awarded to the best thesis performed in a European institute. The term European is understood to include all countries with an astronomical society affiliated to the EAS and the Scandinavian countries without a national astronomical society.

The EAS will announce the winners of the MERAC Prizes awarded by the European Astronomical Society each February. Awardees will give plenary lectures at the following EWASS meeting and also will give a lecture in Switzerland under the patronage of the FONDATION MERAC.

Nominations for the MERAC Prizes awarded by the European Astronomical Society are to be submitted in accordance with their prize rules to the EAS.